What is the Problem?
Center Point is the epicenter of COVID-19 in Birmingham! This zip code (35215) has the fastest growing number of cases; most recently reporting 119 new COVID-19 cases in a 14-day span.


Our Birmingham neighbors are in grave danger in the targeted zip code of Center Point, AL.  The poverty rate is 40% the unemployment is listed at nearly 25% and the overcrowding rates and homeless numbers are soaring. High crime, low education levels and poor health also plague the community.

This majority minority community lack access to many of life’s necessary resources you and I take advantage of daily. 

Here the residents lack comprehensive access to adequate public transportation, social services, and medical care.

Safe and affordable housing opportunities are all but few as the community faces issues of: overcrowding, high rent burdens as well as indecent, aged and severely dilapidated housing. 

Additionally, health modalities and substance abuse are extremely exaggerated in this community making these residents much more susceptible to death when contracting COVID-19 supports and medical care. 

What is the Solution?
The Bham Safe And Friendly Environments (SAFE) Program proposes to provide social equity, access to life saving resources and much needed relief to this community. 

The Bham SAFE Program will rehab a rundown 24-unit complex located in the heart of Center Point to provide low-income housing to those who need it most.  

In addition, the Bham SAFE Program will assist residents in making progress toward economic self-sufficiency.  These specific supports include: assisting the resident’s individual ability to support their household by maintaining financial, housing, health and personal/family stability.

To help residents make progress towards economic self-sufficiency, the Bham SAFE Program will assess the needs of its low income residents and link them to supportive services that enable them to move along a continuum towards economic independence and stability. 

Regular classes will be offered on-site including: credit counseling, vital records, job placement, anger management, health & nutrition, current events, parenting, education counseling and many others.

The complex will also have regular monthly and quarterly events including: fitness challenges, health fairs, community meetings, newsletters and others.
A resident manager will be nominated by the community to represent them in property management matters and leadership with community affairs and events.  A clean-up committee is planned as well as a community watch using volunteer residents.

How You Can Help?
The Institute has already done the ground work including acquiring the 24-unit complex in Center Point, AL for rehab.  Our program goal is only $675,000 in-kind and or cash.  


We still need construction materials to renovate the apartments and contractors to provide: electrical, plumbing, roofing, painting, rehab, landscaping and HVAC services.  Maybe consider financing a few units at $21,000 per unit.  Your company may also choose to donate its time and/or resources.  Every bit helps.   We also need appliances: refrigerators, stoves and hot water heaters, HVAC units. 


I would be happy to provide you with more information about how you can help the Bham SAFE Program.  Feel free to contact Nicole Carter, at (205) 835-6131 or