OUR Mission

The mission of YouthBuild USA and YouthBuild International is to unleash the intelligence and positive energy of low-income young people to rebuild their communities and their lives.
We seek to join with others to help build a movement toward a more just society in which respect, love, responsibility, and cooperation are the dominant unifying values, and sufficient opportunities are available for all people in all communities to fulfill their own potential and contribute to the well-being of others.

OUR Philosophy

The intelligence and positive energy of young people needs to be liberated and enlisted in solving the problems facing our society. Young people in low-income communities want to rebuild their neighborhoods and lives, and will do so if given the opportunity. The desire to serve, to do meaningful work that is of value to other people, is universal. Community-based organizations need the resources to solve local problems and to mobilize local people, including neighborhood youth. Leadership development is a central element of effective community development and youth service.

OUR Approach

Build a broad network of YouthBuild programs across the United States and in other countries. Ensure their excellence through providing funding, staff training, on-site technical assistance, publications, quality assurance systems, reflection on best practices, peer support, innovation, and relevant research on impact.

OUR Values

�™�Respect for every individual�€™s intelligence and 
�™�Cooperation toward achieving common goals
  within a caring community.
�™�Love for each other, humanity as a whole, and all
  that is sacred.
�™�Courage to build bridges and go where we are not
  expected to be.
�™�Diversity as a source of knowledge, creativity, and
  connection to the full human community.
�™�Commitment to work hard and overcome internal
  and external obstacles to success, change, and 
�™�Integrity to keep our actions and values
  consistent, to do the right thing even when 
  nobody is watching.
�™�Responsibility for the wellbeing of ourselves, our
  families, organizations, communities, society as a
  whole, and the Planet Earth.
�™�Community as a source of strength and wisdom.



At ACE YouthBuild, our goal is to actively attack the growing problem in Jefferson County of unskilled and uneducated laborers by providing each participant tools needed in order to attain and sustain employment in the high demand field of construction. We are funded by the U.S. Department of Labor as a catalyst to change the lives of America's youth and young adults.

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About YouthBuild USA

There are an estimated 4.9 million young adults ages 16-24 in America who are neither in work nor school.*  Of these, there are estimated to be as many as 3 million youth living in poverty who are not in education, employment or training.**  These are the opportunity youth with whom YouthBuild programs around the country work.

YouthBuild programs provide those pathways. All over the world they unleash the positive energy of low-income young people to rebuild their communities and their lives, breaking the cycle of poverty with a commitment to work, education, family, and community. 

*"Promising Gains, Persistent Gaps”, Measure of America 2017 
**“Employment and disconnection among teens and young adults: The role of place, race, and education” Martha Ross and Nicole Prchal Svajlenka, Brookings 2016

To participate in YouthBuild, you must be:

A high school dropout or enrolled in an alternative school


Between the ages of 16 to 24

In addition to the above qualifications you must meet one or all of the qualifications below

  • Member of a low income family
  • In foster care
  • Youth or young adult offender
  • Disabled youth
  • Child of an incarcerated parent
  • A migrant youth
  • Currently have no open cases
  • Can commit yourself to a yearlong program